Daily Halachos - 9 Days

The Sh"A says that if a Yid has a court case with a Goy in this time he should push it off, because of the bad Mazal. Until when should it be postponed? [M"B 551-2]
preferably until chodesh Elul, otherwise until after Tisha B'av.

If someone is making a bris during the 9 days, who can wear Shabbos clothes to the bris ? [S"T 551-2]
The parents, grandparents, Mohel, Sandak, & the lady who is "K'vatter".

What type of construction or painting is allowed during the 9 days? [M"B 551-12]
Anything that is necessary for you to live in. Excess dwellings or painting [in other words extras/ luxuries] are asur.

Are you allowed to make a "Vort" during the 9 days ? What about a "Te'noim"? [M"B 551-16]
The way we make it nowadays, without a seuda, it is allowed [it's the seuda that makes the simcha]. NO SINGING OR DANCING IS ALLOWED ,THOUGH.

Are you allowed to cut your nails during the 9 days? [A"H 551-15]

Why is it asur for a Yid to launder the clothing of a Goy (even for money) during the 9 days? [M"B 551-42]
It is a problem of "maaris ayin" (people will think he's washing Yidden's clothing).

What are the circumstances that a Yid can launder Goyim's clothing [during the 9 days]? [[M"B 551-42]
If it's obvious that the clothing is a Goy's [i.e. clothing that is exclusively worn by Goyim for example burkas,a nun's outfit,etc.] since the issur is because of Maaris Ayin.

Are you allowed to wear new shoes during the 9 days {it was bought before the 9 days}? [SH"A 551-6]

Are you allowed to eat food that was cooked together with meat ?

What if it was cooked in the same oven at the same time as the meat,which was uncovered ?