Daily Halachos - Pesach

If someone found chametz on Pesach should he make a bracha when he destroys it ?M"B 435-5]
Both the M"B & A"Ha say since it's a machlokes,"sofek brochos l'hakel" ,& therefore don't make a bracha.

Why shouldn't a person making the bedikah before the night of the 14th make a bracha ?[M"B 436-4]
The bracha is on te bedikah which is the beginning of the "biur" process [meaning,ou will burn the chametz that is found,not just put it away].

When should you check a hole in the wall separating you from your Goyish neighbor ? [M"B 433-30]
On the 14th by day.

What kind of Bedikah process do Shuls & Battei Medrashim require?[M"B 433-43]
Full bedikah on the 14th by night, with a bracha!!( The one being bodeik can have the shul in mind with his bracha on his house[like was previously discussed.])

Why didn't the Shechina rest on the Mishkan until Aharon started doing the avoda[as oppossed to the 7 Y'mei Mi'luim when Moshe Rabeinu was]?
This showed that Hashem completely forgave the Yidden for the eigel, since Aharon was the one who made it, and the Shechina only came down once he started doing the Avoda.

Why should you use feathers during the Bedikah?[M"B 433-46]
It's a Minhag, to use it to sweep out cracks & grooves from chametz.

If someone says they're sure they didn't put chametz in their pockets, are they still required to check them?[M"B 433-47]

If someone was appointed as a shliach for bedikah, can he also be mevatel it for the m'shalayach (appointee),without specific appointment?[M"B 434-14]

If you appointed a shaliach to (specifically) be your shaliach to be mevatel your chametz should you do it anyway,wherever you are?[M"B 434-17]

If you weren't appointed as a shaliach to be mevatel your friend's chametz,can you do it anyway,because of "zochin l'adam sh'lo b'fanav" [you can be someone's shaliach without his knowledge when it benefits him; since we know he wants it]?[M"B 434-15]

How can you be mevatel someone else's chametz(even with permission)? Bitul by definition is making it hefker, & we know you can't tell someone to be "mafkir" your things ?!![M"B 434-15]
Since the Torah ultimately takes it out of his ownership,[ but let's it remain his for the issur of "baal y'roeh.." ]it's only a giluy daas that it is hefker.

If someone just did bitul without a bedikah (whatever the reason may be)why doesn't he make a bracha?[M"B 436-24]
The main component of "bitul" is "b'lev"[in thought] & we don't make brochos on d'vorim sheb'lev [matters that are in your heart (thoughts)].

If someone rented an apartment on condition that it was checked & it turns out that it wasn't, is it a "mekach taos" ?[Sh"A 437-3 M"B 12]
No!! The reason being, that a person wants to do a mitzvah even when it costs him money!!

Which Korbon is the only one that says "asher yakriv l'Hashem",& why?
Shelomim, because it is the only korbon brought without a reason / cause(i:e forgivness for an aveira).

If someone finds chametz in a room he already checked, does he have to check the room again ?[M"B 438-4]
No, only when he saw a rat going with chametz.

If someone saw a rat run into a room with chametz in it's mouth, what has to be checked now (besides your wife's nerves)?[M"B 438-5]
Only the room that you saw him go into.

Can you eat at the same table [i:e in the amusement park (this is not a suggestion)] that a goy is eating chametz on ?[Sh"A 440-3]
NO!! It's impossible to make sure that even a tiny crumb won't splatter onto your food.[NOTE: This is more chamur than "basar v'chalav",where a heker (marking) is suffice.]

If a goy's animal is falling under the wieght of it's load of chametz, are you allowed to help unload it, or since the goy will now owes you a favor, is this called having pleasure from chametz?[M"B450-21]
You should help, since it's "tzar baalei chaim" (paining a live creature) & your intent is not for the personal pleasure rather for the mitzvah.

At which point can you let your children go to sleep by the Seder ?[M"B 472-50]
After you answer them with " avadim hoyinu"[the main point of Magid].

How much wine should a "katan" drink ?[M"B 472-47]
The majority of his " molei lugmov"( his cheek full).