Daily Halachos - Hilchos Kaddish

What is the main part of Kaddish ?
The words from "Y'hei shmei rabba" through "daamiron b'alama v'imru amen.

Can an "avel" say kaddish against the will of the people?
Yes. [M"B 53-67]

In order to say Kaddish after learning how many people have had to learn ?[M"B 54-9]
The M"B says 2 or 3. The Aruch HaShulchan (A"H) says all 10.

Are only the people that learned allowed to say that Kaddish ?[M"B 54-9]
No. anyone that was in shul at that time can say Kadish.

Why do we say R' Chananya ben Akashya...or Amar R' Elazor amar R' Chanina..after learning ?[ibid]
The "ikar" kaddish was made for "divrei aggada".

Should you put on your Tefillin, knowing that you won't be finished by the time Kaddish is being said, because you can be 'yozei' by 'Shomeya k'ona' (hearing is like answering)?[M"B 5412]
No,it is better to actually answer (not to be considered like having answered).

Who was mesakein (instituted) Kaddish and when? [A"H 55-1]
Anshei Knesses HaGedola after the churban (destruction) of the Bais HaMikdash. [It is a prayer on the dispensing of Klal Yisroel, the Chilul HaShem, the destruction of the Bais HaMikdash, & of Eretz Yisroel.]

What 3 things happen when you answer "amen y'hei shmei rabba.." with all of your 'kavana' (focus) ?[A"H 55-2]
1)You rip up your G'zar din l'ra. 2)You open the gates of Gan Eden. 3) When a tzibbur does it B'kol Rum it's mevatel g'zeiros kashos (harsh decrees).

Chazal say that a person should try to be "m'kayim" every day the letters of the word " tzadik"(tzadi,daled,yud,kuf ).What do they stand for?[A"H 55-4]
Tzadi=90 Amens. Daled= 4 Kedushos . Yud=10 Kadeishim. Kuf=100 berachos.

Are you allowed to say Kaddish in English ?[M"B 55-3]
Yes (kedusha too), if the people don't understand it.

Why was Kaddish made in Aramaic ?[A"H 55-1]
So people should understand it

If one of the 10 people in the Minyan walked out during Chazoras HaShat"z , what do you do ?[M"B 55-19 A"H 55-3]
The M"B says that you can continue on until [& including] Kaddish Shaleim that is after U'va L'tzion, since you say Tiskabel Tz'losihon (which means, accept our prayers, referring to Shemona Esre). The A"H says you continue until the end of Tachnun & then you should say Kaddish Sholeim.

What if he walked out right before Chazoras HaShat"z started ?[M"B 55-16]
You cannot start Chazoras HaShat"z.

What do you do if one of the 10 walked out during Ashrei by Mincha [or even by Shachris acc. to A"H] ?
You say that Kaddish before Shemoneh Esre [by Shachris acc. to A"H the one following Uva L'tzion]] & that's it.

What if he walked out during the Yom or Aleinu ?[M"B 55-20]
No Kaddish is said!! The reason being, saying Kaddish after these Piyutim is only a Minhag [ not part of Davening].

What about if someone walked out during Sh"E of Mincha or Maariv ?[M"B 55-22]
You say everything ,up to & including, the Kaddish even after Sh"E.[ On Motzei Shabbos the M"B says to continue until after the Kaddish Shaleim after V'ata Kadosh.]

How many people have to be left in order to say the Kaddish or Kedusha ?[M"B 55-11]
Six, that is the majority of a Minyan.

How many words are supposed to be in kaddish? [M"B 56-2]
28, that is why during the Aseres y'mei teshuva when we say L'eyla Ul'eyla (adding a word) we then say Mi'kol (instead of min kol).

How many terms of "Shevach" (praise) are in THE MAIN PART of Kaddish ?b) Why?[M"B 56-2]
8. b) In correspondance to the 7 Rikeeos (heavens) & the one on top of all the Chayos HaKodesh.

a) How many more terms of praise are in the beginning of Kaddish? b) What are they? c)What's the significance?[M"B 56-2]
a) 2 b) Yisgadal V'Yiskadash. c) Combined with the other 8 (in the main part of Kaddish, as mentioned yesterday), there is a total of 10 in cooespondance to the Aseres HaDibros.

Kaddish is based on a Pasuk in Yechezkel, what concept is it referring to ?[M"B 56-2]
The war of Gog & Magog, because then Hashem's name will become great & one.

Between what words in Kaddish should you make sure not to be mafsik ?[M"B 56-3]
"Shmei Rabba M'vorach" .

What words should the Chazzan make sure to say together ?[M"B 56-10]
V'imru Amen".

Are you allowed to talk during Kaddish ? [M"B 56-1]

What about Daven or Learn ?

Between what words in Kaddish should we be mafsik a little ?[M"B 56-2]
Between Amen & "Y'hei Shmei Rabba" [Amen is a response to what the Chazzan said & Y'hei Shmei Rabbais giving praise to Hashem].

Do you have to stand during Kaddish ?[RM"A 56-1]
No, but you should. The Ariza"l did.

The M"B brings 2 stories of great people who appeared in dreams to others after their own deaths. They each had a noticeable blemish on the same part of their bodies, because they talked during Kaddish. On which part of their bodies were the blemishes ? b) What were they ?[M"B 56-1]
a) On their faces. b) One's face turned green, & the other one had a spot on his forehead.

How loudly should you answer Amen Y'hei shmei rabba ?[M"B 56-5]
Loud, in order to trigger you into having Kavana, but not loud enough to "stick out" (draw attention to yourself), & cause others to make fun of you [which means you caused them to sin).

How many times should the Chazzan bow during Kaddish ?[SH"A 56-5]
5 - 1)Yisgadal 2)Y'hei shmei 3)Yisborach 4)Brich hu 5)Amen]

If someone did not hear the Chazzan (or the person with the Aliya) say Borchu, but hears the people responding with Boruch Hashem HaMevorach , can he also respond ?[M"B 57-2]

What if you only hear the Chazzan say Boruch Hashem L'olem voed ?[M"B 57-2]
You cannot respond.

What does Sefer haChasidim say about someone who says Borchu & Birchas HaTorah quietly ?[Sh"T 57-2]
He is Gozel Es HaRabim (stealing from the multitudes).