Daily Halachos - Kriyas Shema

Which letters (of the 1st bracha of K"S), if you have kavana, will insure you won't get Nizuk (hurt / damaged), that day ?[ibid]
Aleph,Beis, Gimmel of the words "Ohavim, Berurim, Giborim" & Ayin, Beis (equals 72 of Hashem's long name) of "Osim B'Eima".

Does it make adifference if you say Kedusha of Birchos K"S standing or sitting ?[M"B59-12]
It's better to say it sitting.

If you're saying this (Kedusha of Birchos K"S) by yourself (without a minyan), what should you do ?[M"B 59-11]
It's better if you say it with a nigun (tune).

If someone said " Ahava raba " before " Yotzer ha'maoros" , is he yotzei? b) What about if he said " emes v'yatziv" 1st ?[Sh"A 60-3]
a) Yes. b) Yes. The order of K"S & it's berachos are not m'akaiv (hinder the fulfillment).

What's hinted throughout K"S, that we should try to bear in mind ?[M"B 61-1]
The Aseres Ha'Dibros.

The SH"A [ 61-1 ] states (amongst other requirements), that K"S should be said " B'eima V'yira " , what does that mean, exactly ?[M"B 61-3]
to be m'kabel ol Malchus Shomayim to the degree that you are ready to be killed for KIDDUSH HASHEM!!

We know that K"S is 245 words, & in order to completely represent all our 248 limbs, an individual adds "El Melech Ne'eman" in the beginning & a tzibbur listens to the Chazzan repeat "Hashem Elokeichem Emes". What should you do if you will not finish K"S before the Chazzan ? [Sh"T 61-2]
You should stop davening (where ever you're up to) & listen to the Chazzan repeat "Hashem ...".[This is not considered a Hefsek.]

Emes V'yatziv begins with 15 words that start with the letter "Vav" to give us a total of 90 (15 x 6). Why (2 reasons) [SH"A/ RM"A 61-3]?
1) It's equal to Hashem's name 3 times (26 + 4 letters) 2) Together, with the reading of them,(which counts as 1) you have a total of 91 which is the gematria (numerical value) of Amen.

How many hefseikim (pauses) should you make in the 1st pasuk of K"S? [RM"A 61-14]
3 - after Yisroel, Elokeinu & Echad.

Do you have to say K"S with it's "trop" [tune used for reading in the Torah]?[SH"A 61-24]
Sefardim have to, by Ashkenazim, the m'dakdikim (scrupulous) are machmir. NOTE: Even if you are not saying it with the nigun, you should be careful about stopping in the correct places.

Should the 1st pasuk of K"S be said out loud ?[RM"A 61-26]

What is the reward for someone who is meticulous about saying K"S carefully ? [M"B 62-1]
The fires of Gehinom will be cooled off for him. [This is mida k'neged mida (measure for measure), since you calmed your nature to say K"S slowly.]

Why does the Chazzan have to raise his voice by Shema Yisroel ? [SH"A 62-5]
In order for the K'hal to hear, & then be Mamlich (accept the Kingship) the Name of Heaven together!

If you want to say K"S on the way to shul (because z'man K"S is approaching), what should you do ? [SH"A 63-3]
Stand still while saying the 1st pasuk & baruch sheim

Can you say K"S while driving? [M"B 63-10]

Why is someone "Yotzei, B'dieved" if he read the parshios of K"S out of order ?[M"B 64-3]
The order in which we read K"S is a Takonas Chachomim (in the Torah it is not in this order, therefore if necessary we fall back on the D'oraisa).

What should you do if the minyan is saying K"S & you're in the middle of pesukei d'zimra?[M"B 65-11]
Be m'kabel ol Malchus Shomayim with them (in other words, say Shema & Baruch Shem..)

During which part of K"S can you signal someone ? b) Under what circumstances? [M"B 63-18]
a) During the 2nd parsha (V'haya im..). b) Only for a d'var mitzvah.

Why, if someone forgot a word/ pasuk in K"S? [ M"B 64-6]
He has to go back to that pasuk & continue until the end. Otherwise, it will be read out of order, which is asur.

What should you do if the minyan is saying K"S & you didn't say Birchas HaTorah yet (besides making sure not to wake up so late again)? [M"B 65-8]
Just say the first pasuk (with BSK"M)

What if you're in middle of Birchos K"S & they're saying Shema? [M"B 65-11]
Say whateveer words you're up to, with the same tune that the Tzibur is using for K"S [this applies even bein ha'perakim (between paragraphs).

If you are in the middle of Birchos K"S & the Tzibur is saying "Modim D"Rabanan", what should you do ? [M"B 66-20]
Say "Modim anachnu loch" & that's it.

Should a person in the middle of K"S (or Birchos K"S) be called up to the Torah ? b) Does it make a difference if he's a Kohain or Levi ? [M"B 66-26]
a) No. If he was called, [by mistake], he should be Oleh. b)No. He should try to walk out of shul,even if he is the only Kohain (or Levi).

What 2 things should be done differently by someone who is Oleh while in middle of Birchos K"S/ K"S ?[A"H 66-9]
1) He should not read along with the Baal Koreh. 2) He should walk down immediately after his Aliya & continue davening. NOTE: A person should always try to finish the paragraph before saying "Borchu" [without making the Tzibur wait,of course.In other words, say it while walking up.]

Should a "Mi She"beirach" be made for him ?[M"B 66-26]
NO, but if made (by mistake) & the Gabbai forgets his name (it can happen, believe it or not), he can tell him.

What are the 2 ways to avoid the machlokes (argument) of answering Amen to "go'al yisroel" (right before Sh"E)? [M"B 66-35]
1) To finish the bracha at the same time as the Sha"tz. 2) To finish the bracha right before the Chazzan & start Sh"E.

At which point should you stand up for Sh"E ? [Sh"T 66-6]
By, "Tehilos L'el Elyon".