Daily Halachos - Onein

Does an "Onein" (someone awaiting the burial of one of the 7 types of close relatives) say Kriyas Shema ? [A"H 71-1]
If the 'kevura' (burial) is finished before "Chatzos"(midday), then he does. [Note: He also davens Shachris (without tefillin)].

Which of the Birchos HaShachar does an Onein still say after the kevura (even after chatzos)? [M"B 70-4]
1) Birchas HaTorah. 2) "She'lo asani Goy, 3)..A'ved 4) ..Isha.

Why are the other brachos not said ? [M"B 70-4]
Their z'man (time frame) is in the morning & at that point he was "patur"(not obligated).

Does an Onein have to daven the next time 2 Sh"E, for Tashlumim (making up missed prayer)? [M"B 70-4]
No, he's not like an "oneis", [who us really obligated to daven but for whatever the reason, didn't], here an Onein is patur (not obligated) to daven.

If an Onein wants to eat bread does he have to wash his hands first [we know he doesn't make any brachos/daven]? [M"B 70-4]