Daily Halachos - Tefila

Why isn't Sh"E included as one of the 613 Mitzvos? [A"H 89-6]
Tefila is above the Mitzvos. It incorporates all the Mitzvos & ties them together. The 248 Mitzvos A'sei (positive commeandments), are representative of our 248 limbs & the 365 Mitzvos "Lo Sa'sei" (negative commandments) are representative of our 365 sinews. Tefila is like the spinal chord, that keeps everything together.

What are the 2 main reasons that obligate us to daven? [A"H 89-5]
1) Hakoras HaTov; to thank Hashem for all He does for us.
2) To ask for His mercy to grant us health & parnassa (sustenance).

Why is it asur to go over to your friend & say shalom before davening [even in shul]? (M"B 89-9)] [A"H 89-15]
Since Shalom is also one of Hashem's names, & Tefila is in place of the Korban, it's as if you brought your Korban on a "bama"(private altar) instead of on the Miz'beiach.

What is the significance of "V'nosati M'tar Artzichem.." following "Ul'ovdo B'chol L'vavchem Uv'chol Nafshichem"? [11-12,13] [Baal HaTurim]
To tell us that we won't get answered about having rain [in other words, Parnassa] until we daven with our hearts completely focused!!

Under what circumstances can you say Shalom to someone before davening? [SH"A 89-2]
1) If you don't use the word Shalom, which is Hashem's name.
2) If you chanced upon the person, as opposed to seeking him out. Or if he came over to you.
3) If you already said some brachos [this shows that you acknowledged Hashem first.
4) If you had a purpose for going over to him now, other than just saying Shalom.

If you were up all night (learning, of course) or woke up very early, until when are you allowed to eat (so as not to be considered eating before davening, which we know is asur [unless a Heter was given])? [M"B 89-27]
If you were "koveya seuda"(a meal,by halachic standards) then you stop a 1/2 hour before "amud HaShachar"(morning star) otherwise you stop by "amud HaShachar"[approximately 72 minutes before sunrise].

Keeping "Z'man Tefila" means being finished Sh"E by that time, does "Chazoras HaShatz" also have to be finished by then? [MG"A 89-3]
Many Poskim (led by the MG"A) say that Chazoras HaSha"tz also has to finished by Z'man Tefila. However there are Poskim that allow Chazoras HaSha"tz to continue after Z'man Tefila.

Under what circumstances are you allowed to shave, excercise, take a shower before Shachris?
1) You have a minyan "k'vua"(regularly scheduled minyan) that you attend.
2) The activity you are doing is deemed neccessary.
3) Practically they cannot be taken care of after davening.

NOTE: 1. The Sh"A says you're not allowed to take care of any personal needs before davening. Therefore a Shaila should be asked, so a competent & objective Halachic determination can be made.
2. Also as previously discussed Birchas HaTorah (Birchos HaShachar) should be said beforehand.

Is a healthy person ever allowed to sit while davening Sh"E? [M"B 89-42]
Yes, only if z'man tefila will pass before he gets a chance to daven standing (i:e stuck on a plane, if help is needed to stand).

How many windows should a shul have (if possible)? [SH"A 90-4] b) On which wall(s)? [M"B 90-9]
a)12 b) Any, as long as one is facing towards Yerushalayim.

1. Why is it important to have a window, even when you daven at home? [M"B 90-8]
If your "kavana" starts to waiver, you should look out the window at the Heavens to rejuvenate your kavana.

Why shouldn't you daven in an open field? [SH"A 90-5]
When you're in a more secluded place you will feel more humbled & have more fear of the King.

Why does the Pasuk [12-28] say "Sh'mor V'Shomata eis col ha'dvorim ho'eyle" seemingly shomata (listening) should come before sh'mor (keeping)? [Orach Chayim]
Shmor is referring to the "Mitzvos D"oraisa" which were given already at Har Sinai. V'Shomata is referring to the gezeiros & gedorim that the Rabbonan instituted.

If you're traveling what should you do (in terms of davening outside)? [M"B 90-11]
Someone who is traveling is allowed to daven on the side of the road, in an area that he won't be disturbed. If there are trees then it is better to daven next to them.

Are you allowed to daven l'chatchila in the courtyard of the shul (for those that are going to the Meah Shearim shteiblach)? [Sha"T 90-1]

Yes, as long as you are surrounded by walls [a ceiling is not neccessary to create the effect of Yiras Shomayim & Hachnoa].

What is "Tefila B'Tzibur"? [M"B 90-28]
10 men davening Sh"E together, at the same time.

If the Tzibur is davening Musaf (Sh"E) & someone davens Shachris (Sh"E) at the same time in the same room is he "yotzei" Tefila B'Tzibur? [M"B 90-30]

We know an "oneis" who can't go to shul & daven with a minyan should daven at home at the same time as the Tzibur. What about Maariv, if the Tzibur only davens early? [M"B 90-32]
He should wait until "Tzeis HaKochavim".

What qualifies as an "oneis"? [M"B 90-29]
1) If the person feels weak.
2) If by davening with the Tzibur he will lose money [however "m'nias revach" (losing oppurtunity to make profit) is NOT heter].

Why should a person, that has to daven B'yichidus, daven in shul rather than at home? [M"B 90-33]
Since a shul is a place that is "ko'vua" [established] for kedusha & his Tefilos will be accepted more, there.

When should a person (that is davening b'yichidus) daven at home rather than at shul? [M"B 90-33]
If it will be a Chillul HaShem for him to be seen davening there by himself [i:e a Talmid Chachom davening late].

From where do we learn the importance of having a "makom ko'vua" to daven in? [M"B 90-59]
From Avraham Aveinu, the pasuk says,"va'yashkeim Avraham ba'boker el hamakom asher omad shom es pnei Hashem" .

Why should someone have a makom ko'vua where he davens, even in his house? [M"B 90-59]
This way he won't be disturbed by the tumult of the household, while davening.

When should you not daven in your makom kovua [anywhere in the surrounding 4 amos, is still considered your makom kovua]? [SH"A 90-19]
If there is a "tzorech"(need/ purpose),i:e someone is sitting there,so as not to make him feel uncomfortable, or if the tzibur started Sh"E, so as not to walk in front of them.

Why should a shul have a lobby or entrenceway ?[M"B 90-61]
To be similar to the bais HaMikdash, that had the "ulam" before the "Heichal".